Individual Counseling and Relationship Counseling in West Palm Beach, FL

Individual Counseling and Relationship Counseling in West Palm Beach, FL

Kind, Supportive, Non-judgmental


Kind, Supportive, Non-judgmental

About Me


I graduated from Dartmouth College in 1985 with a B.A. and received an M.A. in Community Counseling Suma Cum Laude from Fairfield University’s Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions.

Relationship Counseling Palm Beach
Counseling Palm Beach
Therapy Palm Beach
Psychotherapist Palm Bea

My Qualifications

I have been in practice for almost 20 years.  I practiced in Fairfield County, CT for 15 years and opened my West Palm Beach office in 2015.  

I am a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors(NBCC), the American Counseling Association (ACA), and the Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT).  In addition, I am a member and former chapter-president of Chi Sigma Iota, an international association committed to the pursuit of excellence in the field of counseling.  I am nationally certified as a Counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor and licensed by the states of CT and FL.

Relationship Counseling West Palm Beach
Counseling  West Palm Beach
Therapy West Palm Beach

My Philosophy

I love what I do. My "brand" is creating the best therapeutic relationship I can with each client. A strong counseling  relationship means connecting on a human level.  I prefer sessions to be conversational while still maintaining professionalism. I am non-judgmental and truly care. Our partnership will provide a strong foundation so you can try new things, change old habits, and start over again.

Counseling and Relationship Therapy

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling West Palm beach
Video counseling west Palm beach

I help my clients with the typical stressors of life such as stress management, performance frustration, career change, divorce, relationship issues, sexual issues, parenting, and aging. On a more clinical level, I work with those struggling with  serious psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.  


Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling Palm Beach
Counseling Palm Beach
Therapy Palm Beach
Psychotherapist Palm Bea

I see couples for conflict resolution, infidelity, communication, a family loss, childrearing stressors, illness, and trauma.  I help with communication skills, emotional regulation, family boundaries, intimacy and sexuality.  As individuals grow and change, so does the relationship. Therapy often helps to calibrate the relationship so both partners are getting what they want and need. 

Click below for a fantastic resource for keeping your marriage healthy.


Premarital Counseling West palm BeachRelationship Counseling Palm Beach
Counseling West Palm Beach


Using a refined assessment tool called Symbis, I work with couples to determine areas of compatibility and conflict.  We will explore your personalities and how they mesh (or conflict), sexuality, finances, parenting, in- law boundaries, conflict resolution, roles within the household, and, if pertinent, the role of faith in the marriage.  You will also have a therapist that you know should you run into issues in your marriage later on. Click the link below for more information on Symbis or contact me to start the process!

Other Services

Video COnferencing

Video Counseling

I see clients for individual or couples counseling over a video conferencing service that is  HIPAA compliant meaning your privacy is secure.  However, I prefer to start therapy with a one on one meeting in order to establish a relationship, but follow up sessions can be over video.  

Sex and Intimacy

Sex Therapy West Palm Beach
Sex THerapist West Palm Beach
Sex THerapist Palm Beach

I successfully passed the training and will be applying for certification with the American Association of Certified Sex Counselors, Teachers, and Therapists. The training gives me the skills to counsel people with sexual dysfunction, issues around intimacy and sexuality, loss of desire, gender identity, paraphilias, and the struggles within the LGBTQ community. 


Qualified Supervisor West Palm Beach

I am a Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapist Interns.    I have also found myself mentoring supervisees that have become licensed and helping them build a private practice.

See below for the requirements for Florida Licensure.



Insurance Accepted

  • AVMED 
  • PHC
  • MED​ BEN

Out of Network

If I am not a provider for your insurance, I will process of out of network claims for you.  Once your deductible (which is your responsibility) is met, insurance companies usually cover a percentage of the fee.   

I suggest you call the number on the back of your card and ask 1.) what your deductible is and 2.) what is covered for out of network behavioral health.  If you have a high deductible, I am open to  negotiating a fee.  Just ask!

Package Deals

Pay ahead of time for 10 sessions and receive a 10% disount.

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