Psychotherapy and Counseling

Geriatric Counseling
Counseling and therapy for Individuals
therapy for Couples
  1. Individual Therapy - Fee $25-$170/hour*
    I help clients with serious psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders as well as with more typical stressors of life such as performance frustration at work and in athletics, career change, divorce, relationship issues, parenting, and aging. Life is complicated and a one hour session can sometimes cover many different issues. Each client is different and every story is multi-dimensional. My passion and specialty is working with young, professional women who are struggling with work, family, relationships and self esteem issues. Not only can i play the role of therapist, but I am also a mentor. I make a special point of coaching my clients in the art of self compassion and self care.
  2. Parenting Consulting - $25- $170/hour*
    Raising children was never an easy task, but now, you are competing with social media and the internet for our children's and teen's attention. Being an involved parent is essential now more than ever since so much outside influence penetrates the safety of your home. I help parents to develop a game plan where they work together to keep the children focused on school, family, and faith.
  3. Couples Therapy - Fee $50-$170/hour*
    I see couples for conflict resolution after an affair, a family loss, childrearing stressors, illness, or trauma. I help with communication skills, emotional regulation, family boundaries, intimacy and sexuality. As individuals grow and change, so does the relationship. Therapy often helps to calibrate the relationship so both partners are getting what they want and need. I am in the process of being trained by the Gottman Institute for specialized training in couples work. You can learn more about the Gottman method at www.gottman.com.
  4. Sex and Intimacy Counseling - $25 - $170/hour
    I successfully passed the training and will be applying for certification with the American Association of Certified Sex Counselors, Teachers, and Therapists. The training gives me the skills to work with sexual dysfunction - both physical and psychological, issues around intimacy and sexuality, loss of desire, gender identity, paraphilia, and issues within the LGBTQ community.
  5. Clinical Supervision for LMHC and MFT- $100/hour
    I am a certified clinical supervisor for Registered Mental Health Counselors Interns and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Interns. According to the Florida Department of Health, Mental Health Counseling Registered Interns and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns must do 1500 hours post masters face-to-face counseling and at least 100 hours of clinical supervision in no less than two years in order to apply for a license. Click belowfor more details
LMHC Intern Requirements
LMFT Intern
*Fee is dependent upon client's insurance coverage, length of session scheduled, day and time of appointment, and time and form of payment.

In Network
  • AVMED 
  • PHCS

Out of Network

If I am not a provider for your insurance, I will process of out network claims for you.  Once your deductible (which is your responsibility) is met, insurance companies usually cover a percentage of my fee.   I suggest you call the number on the back of your card and ask 1.) what your deductible is and 2.) what is covered for out of network behavioral health.  If you have a high deductible, we can negotiate a fee that works for you -typically $100-$200/hour